Why LA Is The Best Pizza City In America

Whether you’re looking to grab a late-night New York pepperoni slice or you’re planning to celebrate something special over an upscale truffle pizza, Los Angeles is scattered with an endless amount of options. So when it came to turning the tide, Pizzeria Mozza was at the forefront of putting a fancy twist on the casual pizza scene in the city. This romantic and dim-lit restaurant from Chef Nancy Silverton set out to prove that pizza can be decadent, delicious, and deluxe.

Pizzeria Da Michele is another upscale spot that offers a cozy patio and a modern interior, making it perfect for a celebratory date night or special event. That said, perhaps the fanciest and exclusive spot is none other than Chef Evan Funke’s Mother Wolf. However, in addition to the grab-and-go pizza stands, places like De La Nonna meet in the middle, providing a comfortable yet casual atmosphere with personal pizza pies, refreshing salads, and creative cocktails.

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