The Truth About Annie Murphy’s Husband

Annie Murphy has more in common with her character, Alexis Rose, in “Schitt’s Creek” than one would initially think. For example, she lost her home before making it big with the beloved sitcom. Although her home was taken by fire rather than by financial misuse, Murphy and Menno Versteeg’s personal tragedy hit home (literally) right before “Schitt’s Creek” changed their lives. Murphy told Fashion that she and Versteeg weren’t home when the fire happened, though the experience changed them.

“My house had just burned down, I hadn’t booked a job in two years, I had $400 in my bank account and I’d absolutely shat the bed on my very first screen test out in L.A.,” she told the magazine. “When my place burned down, it was a serious lesson in losing things, but it was an even bigger lesson that things are just things and can be replaced in one way or another.” Interestingly, that’s something that her character Alexis had to come to terms with, as well. 

The fire happened in May 2013, according to HuffPost, and Versteeg’s bandmates were fast to react to the tragedy online. Just shy of 2 a.m. on May 7, 2013, after the fire, it appears Versteeg replied to concerns on Twitter about his (and Murphy’s) wellbeing: “Place is trashed. We are all fine. And that’s all that matters,” the tweet read.

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