Staging Tricks That Will Help Your Home Sell Faster

Trends come and go, and timeless style appeals to most people. How do you do that?

Timeless style often means incorporating colors and themes that have been around a long time. The staging trick here is to focus on hard finishes, like hardwood floors, a white kitchen, and a white or cream subway tile for a backsplash, per Claudia Josephine Design. While those navy cabinets may be appealing, for someone who doesn’t like them, it’s a hard and expensive upgrade to overcome.

With a neutral or white kitchen or living space, people can add their own pops of color and style, creating their own trends in the years to come. You may be tempted to paint all the walls gray, but that’s not really going to be something that stands the test of time. Instead, give your prospective buyers a fantastic blank canvas to design in their own way.

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