What You Never Knew About Ben Affleck

At this point, actor Ben Affleck might be synonymous with the state of Massachusetts. However, he was actually born on the west coast. That’s right, Affleck is originally from California — Berkeley, California to be exact (via Britannica).

After spending the first three years of his life in California, Affleck and his family moved to New England. “I grew up in Central Square in Cambridge,” the actor told Cinezine. “Went to the public schools there.” Growing up, Affleck’s father worked as an auto mechanic and a bartender for a time, while his mother taught grade school. He also grew up alongside his brother Casey Affleck, who, like Ben, also became an actor.

Although Ben Affleck left California as a young boy, he did return to his birthplace later in life. As of this writing, the “Gone Girl” actor resides in Los Angeles, according to Hello! Magazine. In April 2022, the Daily Mail reported that Affleck and his then-fiance, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, were on the hunt for a new home in LA.

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