Teen body-shamed by Matt Gaetz gets the last laugh by raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for abortion funds [Video]

Olivia Julianna of Houston appeared Wednesday on The ReidOut, where she discussed her quarrel with Rep. Matt Gaetz. At a recent conservative convention, the Florida Republican said that pro-choice women protesting for abortion rights are too fat and ugly to be impregnated. The congressman even singled out the 19-year-old in a tweet. But Julianna wasn’t fazed.

“I mean, I’m not necessarily surprised that this is a path Matt Gaetz would take considering since he’s been elected into Congress, his judgment has been questionable at best,” Julianna said. “I’m surprised that he thought that I would just allow him to publicly body-shame me when I very clearly have a reputation and a past of letting Republican politicians know that that kind of behavior will not be tolerated.”

In fact, Gate’s attack on Julianna backfired as she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in only two days, with more donations rolling in for the Gen Z for Choice Abortion Fund. Julianna trolled Gaetz back on Tuesday after she’d hit the $50,000 mark, with a tweet complete with a thank you card.

Julianna went on to explain where the funds raised will go.

“This money is being split amongst 50 abortion funds across the country, especially in states where those services will be needed the most because of restrictive abortion laws,” Julianna said. “So this money is going to the people who need it. It’s going to the funds that are going to help people get the healthcare they need despite these Republican attacks against reproductive rights.”

And while some are predicting a Democratic loss in the November midterms, Julianna isn’t buying it, and believes women will make their voices heard.

“They are making plans to fight back against these abortion bans, and against these oppressive laws that are being put forward,” Julianna said. “And I have no doubt whatsoever that they are going to make their voices heard, whether it be in the streets, or whether it be in November. And I think that we’re starting to see more and more Republicans like Matt Gaetz make these childish attacks because they know that these women are mobilizing across the country.”

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