Where To Find The 20 Best Breakfast Sandwiches In America

It helps when a menu item includes descriptors like fluffy, creamy, cheesy, and in some rare cases, ultra-premium. All adjectives are par for the course at Egg Tuck, a Los Angeles cafe with locations in Koreatown and Hollywood. It draws inspiration from Korean egg sandwich traditions to achieve a glorious new level of fluffy and creamy perfection.

Korean egg sandwiches — made with soufflé-like fluffy eggs, buttered bread, cheese, and mayo sauce — are the driving force behind the sandwiches at Egg Tuck (via Drive Me Hungry). All sandwiches feature thick and doughy brioche buns, as soft and tender as a slab of French toast, which the cafe describes as “ultra-premium.” They feature a heap of soft cage-free scrambled eggs, snipped chives, Sriracha aïoli, and a drizzle of signature mayo-like egg sauce. Though some sandwiches bump up the indulgence with supplements like short rib patties and smoked ham, the classic option here is the Sweet Egg sandwich, which nails the ideal combination of texture and flavor with its creamy scrambled eggs, chives, Sriracha, and egg sauce, for $7.99.

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