The Untold Truth Of Burger King’s Breakfast

Even if you haven’t been there in a while for breakfast, you know what Burger King’s menu looks like. Head overseas, though, and you’ll find some different items on the menu. 

If you’ve ever wished you could have a hot dog or two for breakfast, head to Japan and Burger King will make all your crazy hot dog dreams come true. Singapore still has the Croissan’wich on the menu, but they’re a little odd: you can choose from turkey sausage, crispy chicken, mushroom and Swiss, and turkey bacon. Not your thing? They’ve also got a turkey, ham, and cheese omelette. You can pick up a mushroom and Swiss sandwich in Malaysia, too, along with the Smoky Chicken Kingwich (smoked chicken, egg, and cheese sauce) and the Classic Kingwich (mayo, eggs, cheese, and something called Beefacon). 

Burger King in the UK has gone a long way in combining breakfast and lunch, offering the Breakfast King, which is essentially a Whopper patty on a bun with some egg. You can also order a butty (like the one pictured). From there, it’s just a short hop, skip, and a jump to Ireland, where you can order up a warm Belgian waffle

Finally, New Zealand. They take breakfast seriously, and Burger King offers not just standards like the Sausage & Egg Muffin, but a Breakfast Bacon Burger and the chance to get a meal that pairs your breakfast sandwich with a chicken sandwich, a burger, or a sausage.

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