The Truth About David Harbour’s Marriage To Lily Allen

Before he met Lily Allen, David Harbour had several well-known girlfriends, according to Elle. He was even rumored to be engaged to Maria Thayer, with whom he was linked from 2009 to 2011. Harbour then dated Julia Stiles (of “Dexter” and “The Bourne Identity” fame, and, yes, that was her with Heath Ledger in “Ten Things I Hate About You” too). Their relationship lasted a long four years until 2015.

Harbour was quiet about his relationships for a few years, but in 2019, he shared a little Instagram PDA with actress Alison Sudol (“Fantastic Beasts”). She once gushed on Instagram, “What a generous, large-hearted, roaring wonder of a person I get to walk around and do stuff with. Like eat food and read books out loud and watch our dog sleep. And isn’t that great. What an ignited soul, what a fire-spirit. What a brilliant artist. What a caring, deep, intuitive individual who has changed my life completely and utterly. What a lucky woman I am.”

They remained Instagram friends even after they broke up and Harbour began dating Lily Allen. 

Harbour isn’t afraid of regrets, though, even in relationships. He told Netflix, “I think regret is a powerful, good thing because it makes you evaluate your future behavior…. [Change] really only comes through mistakes and regret.”

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