Inside Vili Fualaau’s Life After The Mary Kay Letourneau Scandal

Mary Kay Letourneau was released from prison in 2004, and once again, was ordered to stay away from Vili Fualaau. However, Fualaau, who was 21 years old then, filed a motion to vacate the order. He argued that he was no longer a minor and was of sound mind to pursue a relationship with the mother of his two children. As reported by CBS News, Fualaau’s attorney also argued that the charges against Letourneau were solely based on Fualaau’s age at the time of the incident, which was no longer applicable, as he was already an adult. A judge ruled in favor of Fualaau, and the no-contact order was lifted.

Fualaau and Letourneau married in 2005 when she was 43 and he was 22. Their two daughters served as flower girls during the ceremony, and two of Letourneau’s children from her first marriage attended (via Biography). They lived in Seattle and raised their two children together, and they made it a point to have a date night every Saturday, according to People. Throughout the years, however, their relationship deteriorated. In an interview in 2015, Fualaau said that the union wasn’t always smooth — just like any relationship — and that they had their fair share of problems.

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