How Often You Should Really Be Replacing Your Roof

Extreme weather is another cause of roofing replacement needs. Unlike time and routine wear, severe winds, extended exposure to water, or the immense weight of snowfall can push a roof past its breaking point. Roof Revivers report that lousy weather of all sorts can increase the wear rate on the roofing system, and extreme weather systems that occur all across the country can significantly impact the roof in several ways.

For instance, hurricanes strike the east coast of the United States every summer and fall, with storms making their way inland across the Atlantic coast into the Gulf and making landfall in Texas or Louisiana. A good deal of the southeastern quarter of the contiguous U.S. landmass must contend with the gales of hurricane season. Farther west, middle country states experience frequent tornadoes, freezing temperatures, and immense snowfall. Along the Pacific coast, forest fires rage throughout the years, leading to the total loss or damage to countless properties. Bankrate reports that 4.5 million U.S. homes are at high or extreme risk of damage or loss from these fires. Severe weather can immediately impact your roof’s structural integrity, leading to replacing a roof as a matter of urgency rather than a general convenience.

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