First Lady Jill Biden Thanks Heckler Who Slams Joe as ‘Worst President’

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Dr. Jill Biden is taking hate aimed at her hubby in stride — absorbing a heckler’s harsh words and redirecting them right back at ’em with a little reverse psychology.

The First Lady showed grace this week while out in New Haven, CT — one of 3 states she’s set to be visiting as part of a new tour to promote summer learning — where some dude standing on the sidewalk about 30 yards from her let Mrs. Biden how he felt about Joe.

Story time with friends and building your own robot – this is what summer learning looks like in New Haven, Connecticut!

Today, @SecCardona and I saw first-hand how the Administration is helping our youngest learners get caught up this summer.

— Jill Biden (@FLOTUS) July 20, 2022

Check it out … while Jill was heading into a building — reportedly for an ice cream break amid the day’s event — the man shouts from a distance … saying JB’s the “worst president we ever had,” and adding that she (and Joe maybe?) owe the American people gas money.

Nothing too crazy, but what’s wild is Jill heard it loud and clear … and responded. Rather than just ignore the jab, which she could’ve done, she spun it around — and gave thanks!

It’s spirit check time!

Thank you to all the students, parents, and educators here in New Haven, Connecticut for sharing your joy with @SecCardona and me today.

Keep learning, keep growing, and keep having fun!

— Jill Biden (@FLOTUS) July 20, 2022

DJB says she appreciates this fella’s support and keeps it moving … looks like the back-and-forth actually gave some of her Secret Service members a chuckle — ’cause, yeah, it’s funny.

As for why she was there to begin with … it seems Jill did exactly what she was supposed to do with success. Of course, Joe’s got COVID — so it looks like his wife’s stepping in for a bit to shake hands and meet people on the ground until he’s up and running again.

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