The Absolute Best Additions To Canned Tuna

Balance is always the name of the game, even when cooking the simplest of snacks; so if you feel like your tuna is weighed down by thick, fatty flavors, spritz it up with a light, giving vinegar such as rice, sherry, or Champagne. Stay away from anything dark, thick, or inky like balsamic or Chinese black vinegar that could both overpower your dish with smokey, malty flavors and also dye the dish an off-putting beige color. Remember, you’d rarely (if ever) pair fish with red wine, and the same remains true with matching red wine vinegar with canned tuna. Keep it light, bright, and zippy so you don’t risk drowning out the brine of the fish itself.

We suggest nixing this category if your tuna received a healthy amount of tanginess from a vinegar-based hot sauce. But if you’re skipping that liquid heat, the sharp bite of vinegar will lighten up your tuna creation and give it a lively edge, especially when relying heavily on creamy add-ons like mayonnaise, sour cream, or labneh.

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