The Absolute Best Delis In The US

For the Radin siblings, much of their lives were spent working in Jewish-style delis around New York City and its surrounding boroughs. According to the deli’s website, after the family expanded through marriages, the family business grew to further include coffee shops and lunchrooms. But it was their own delicatessen that opened in 1923 on 4th Street that became a staple in the city of Philadelphia — Famous 4th Street Delicatessen. Like many other traditional delis, they cure their meats in-house, as well as bake all of their tasty desserts to stock their own bakery.

Apart from the crowd of daily customers who range from local regulars to curious travelers enjoying their vacation, Famous has served, well, the famous, including nationwide news anchors and politicians, such as President Barack Obama in 2010. As WHYY notes, the deli gets especially busy when the U.S. election season rolls around and politicians, staff, poll workers, and the media stop in for a bite to eat and a chance to interact with the public. Condé Nast Traveler recommends ordering any one of their “overstuffed delicatessen sandwiches” and something yummy from the “smoked fish department”, but you must not forget about the extensive glass case array of knishes, lox, bagels, and cold cuts to take home. Famous 4th Street Deli is one of those places steeped in nostalgia and tradition that you just can’t miss if you ever tour the City of Brotherly Love.

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