Emmanuel the Emu Constantly Disrupts Owners TikToks, Goes Viral

Emmanuel the Emu

A rambunctious emu that lives on a farm in Florida won’t let his owner film any TikToks — a hilarious back-and-forth that has taken the internet by storm … and for good reason.

The bird’s name is Emmanuel, a resident of Knuckle Bump Farms in South Florida — where one of the workers, a female, has time and again tried educating the public about their animals and work there … only to be interrupted by Emmanuel’s long stride and fierce peck.

Holy crap this is wonderful pic.twitter.com/kSUiQd0XQP

— David (@p4ndr_) July 15, 2022

Check it out … somebody got a little compilation together from the farm’s TikTok account, and they may as well be Emmanuel’s highlights — because he steals the show every time.

The camera person gets pestered each time, scolding Emmanuel for once again foiling her plans to film an informative TikTok — but you can tell it’s part of the gag … the real content is Emmanuel’s antics, which are freaking gold.

All the animals started teaming up since they discovered Emmanuel became a star pic.twitter.com/fIidGTn2Cg

— jennthetutor 🎓 👩🏾‍🏫 🐧 #TestFree (she/her) (@jennthetutor) July 16, 2022

Each time he walks by her phone, he seems dumbfounded by the device — and goes in for a closer look, often knocking the entire thing down onto the ground and staring in. As the owner puts it, Emmanuel wakes up and chooses violence … to her bewilderment.

BTW, it seems there are other animals at Knuckle Bump that like to be disrupters just as much as Emmanuel. There’s Ellen, his apparent sister, and Princess the deer … who bites.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

It’s not just chaos they cause though … seems Emmanuel and co. have a softer side as well. Gotta say — Old McDonald doesn’t have squat on this farm! Orwell, though … perhaps.

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