Derek Jeter plans to do ‘something’ in baseball again

Baseball probably has not seen the last of Derek Jeter.

The former Yankees captain has a seven-part docu-series debuting on ESPN next week, and was asked on the network by Hannah Storm about his plans to stay involved with the sport.

“I love the game. I really do love the game,” Jeter said. “I think it’s the greatest game in the world. So yeah, at some point, I’m sure I’ll do something.”

Whether that’s a role in a team’s front office, ownership ranks, or working for the sport itself, a la Joe Torre and Theo Epstein, we’ll have to see.

Jeter left his role as CEO of the Miami Marlins this past February after he did not see eye to eye on what the franchise should do next.

“It’s just like the statement I made, I think that the direction of the organization had changed and that was not what I had signed up for and you know you have to believe in the direction, especially if you are going to be the forward face,” Jeter said.

Derek Jeter told ESPN that he plans to do 'something' around the sport of baseball again.Derek Jeter told ESPN that he plans to do ‘something’ around the sport of baseball again.Getty Images

“I just couldn’t move on and if I didn’t agree with the direction that the organization was going.”

Shortly after Jeter exited the Marlins, his former teammate CC Sabathia said that one of the reasons Jeter was at odds with majority owner Bruce Sherman was that Jeter wanted to heavily pursue Nick Castellanos, who signed with the Phillies for five years and about $100 million.

“[Castellanos] is a beast,” Sabathia said on his podcast in March. “I know Jeter wanted him bad.”

“The Marlins are the Marlins,” the ex-pitcher added. “No matter what you try to do to make them better, at the end of the day there’s just always been bad ownership. Jeter did everything he could, he lined everything up for him and this is the year you sign Castellanos. They’ve got a bunch of pitching, Jazz Chisholm is a star, you’ve got Miguel Rojas playing short. Seems good, like really good, he built a really good team. The minor league organization is great, but it’s just time to spend money.”

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