Every Item At The Costco Food Court, Ranked

We will admit that when Costco discontinued its fat-free frozen yogurt and replaced it with its vanilla ice cream cup, we were skeptical. However, the Costco frozen yogurt was a delicious treat that came in chocolate, vanilla, and twist. We loved it and will forever be hoping for a return. That being said, we would not pass up a chase to get the newer ice cream cup. It only comes in vanilla, with no chocolate or twist, but the flavor is spot on. It is a creamy and decadent soft serve delight.

There is no need to adorn this with chocolate or strawberry sauce. The ice cream cup stands tall by itself as a great dessert. Plus, by getting it solo, you save $0.50 from the sundaes. The total cost of the Costco ice cream cup is only $1.99, and it comes in the same 16-ounce cup. This is a steal, and, once again, it is very splittable. This is a worthy purchase if you are a fan of soft serve ice cream.

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