10 Best Gins For A Gimlet

Since its creation in 1793, Plymouth Gin has been a versatile pick for gin-lovers for centuries. Though Plymouth makes a handful of varieties, you can’t go wrong with the classic Plymouth gin when making a tasty gimlet for yourself or your friends. There are seven botanicals that can be detected in the original Plymouth Gin, all of which are hand-picked and good quality. The botanicals used include angelica, cardamom, coriander, juniper, lemon, orange, and orris root.

Per the GIN is IN, the flavors that come most forward in Plymouth Gin are juniper and citrus. Though you could make a fruity gimlet with this gin, it is best reserved for a traditional gimlet thanks to the strong juniper taste. If you prefer something dry like a gin and tonic, Plymouth Gin is pretty versatile when it comes to traditional gin-based cocktails. If you crave something stronger and bolder, try Plymouth Gin Navy Strength.

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