The Girl Whose Story Ended The Career Of Warren Jeffs From Preaching Evil

Elissa Wall and three other girls, who were also 14 years old, were taken to Nevada — where the ceremonies would be performed in an abandoned hotel. When it was time for her ceremony, The U.S. Sun reports Elissa Wall was led into a room with her mother, Warren Jeffs, and Allen Steed. As Jeffs performed the ceremony, Walls said she was crying so hard her tears soaked the front of her wedding dress and she was unable to repeat her vows.

Nevertheless, Jeffs, who performed the ceremony, declared the couple married. Unfortunately, the wedding was only the beginning of the terror that would plague Wall for years to come.

As she dreaded, Steed was cruel and abusive. Wall said she was uncomfortable with the idea having sexual relations with her new husband, and attempted to refuse his advances. However, Steed asserted that he had a right, as her husband, to do what he wanted. Although she was crying and pleading with him to stop, Steed raped her on their wedding night.

Wall said she did not fully understand what Steed was doing to her, but she did know it was “scary and terrifying.” According to The U.S. Sun, Wall talked to Jeffs about the incident, as she hoped he would be able to help her. Unfortunately, he simply told her she was obligated to submit to her husband. She said Jeffs’ response to her concerns felt like a betrayal.

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