The Untold Truth Of The Young And The Restless Star Melissa Ordway

For years after getting married, Melissa Ordway and Justin Gaston unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant, before deciding to adopt (via Soap Opera Digest). The couple’s first child, a daughter named Olivia Christine, was born in April 2016. The family celebrates both the now-6-year-old’s birthday and the day she was officially adopted by them months later, which is called her Coronation Day, according to Soaps.

In a heartwarming Instagram post from February 2017, Ordway wrote, “Today was the second most special day of my life. Olivia’s adoption day! Surrounded by our family, the judge made Olivia officially a Gaston (even though she already was in our heart). We cannot thank God enough for blessing our family with the most beautiful, smart, fun, little ray of sunshine. Olivia lights up every room she crawls in, haha, and has brought us so much joy.”

The couple was in for a terrific surprise when just 10 months after Olivia’s birth, Ordway discovered that she had gotten pregnant naturally. Their second daughter, Sophie Jolie, was born in December 2017. Luckily for their parents, Olivia and Sophie get along extremely well. Ordway told SOD, “Olivia wears her heart on her sleeve so you know what she’s thinking, but Sophie has a hard exterior. She’s also the protector. If anyone messes with Olivia, Sophie will take them down. She’s very sensitive.”

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