The Tragic Real-Life Story Of The Munich Olympics

All six of the sleeping men were rounded up, but on the way back to Apartment 1, Weinberg saw his chance to charge his attackers again. It’s possible Weinberg hoped he could overpower them with the help of the other six Israelis. Unfortunately, he wasn’t so lucky. Weinberg was shot again, this time fatally. Another Israeli weightlifter, Yossef Romano, joined in the attack, but he was already weakened, having been put on crutches due to a recent competition injury, according to Sports Illustrated. He was also shot and killed.

Amid all the commotion, one other Israeli, Gad Tsabari, was able to escape. The rest of the men were dragged into Apartment 1, where they joined Gutfreund and two other coaches that were being held under watch. All together, Black September had rounded up nine hostages. One of the men, named David Berger, was an American. Berger held dual citizenship, and was living abroad and competing on Israel’s Olympic weightlifting team.

The men were bound and tied together by their wrists and ankles so they could not escape. Over the course of the next 20 hours, the Israelis were beaten and abused. One was shot, and many suffered from broken bones and mutilation, per the New York Times. Black September members castrated Romano’s body before placing it at the feet of the other hostages, to serve as a warning.

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