Parents Accuse Ezra Miller Of Grooming Their Teenage Daughter

Actor Ezra Miller has no shortage of allegations made against them lately. Now a new allegation can be added to the list. Ezra Miller is now being accused of grooming an 18-year old named Tokata Iron Eyes, having known them since they were 12 years old. Now Tokata’s parents are seeking court protection from Ezra Miller for their daughter.

The allegations suggest that Ezra Miller, currently 29 years old, has been “manipulating and controlling” Tokata since meeting each other in North Dakota as far back as 2016.

As noted via People:

“According to court documents filed Tuesday in Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court and obtained by PEOPLE, attorney and activist Chase Iron Eyes and his pediatrician wife Sara Jumping Eagle claim that Miller, now 29, has been manipulating and controlling their daughter Tokata Iron Eyes since the two met at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota back in 2016. They say Miller “took an immediate and apparently innocent liking” to Tokata at the time.”

The parents further suggested that Ezra Miller showed a “pattern of corrupting a minor.” This pattern allegedly included the Fantastic Beasts actor giving their daughter alcohol alongside drugs such as marijuana and LSD. Tokata was apparently given these substances as a teenager by Ezra Miller. Furthermore:

“Chase and Sara said in the documents that Miller, through the Quiet organization with which the actor was affiliated, offered to pay for Tokata to attend college early at 16 at Bard College at Simon’s Rock in Massachusetts. Miller “would later use this against Tokata to create a sense of indebtedness,” the parents say in the documents.”

Here is an account that appears to belong to Takota’s mother:

My daughter Tokata Iron Eyes has not had a phone since Jan 2022, #EzraMiller has control of Tokata’s instagram. If you know Tokata’s whereabouts – please contact me. #MMIW #mmiw #WarnerBros #MuteRKelly #mniwiconi #rezpectourwater #metoo #equitynow

— Sara Jumping Eagle (@drjumpingeagle) June 8, 2022

Ezra took Tokata to New Orleans Jan 2022 where Ezra had Tokata participate w Ezra in voodoo ritual. After Ezra gave Tokata LSD in Jan 2022 & likely gave ketamine as well, Tokata needed help. Lakota inipi sweat lodge ceremony is not exorcism. #ethnocentricism #EzraMiller

— Sara Jumping Eagle (@drjumpingeagle) June 9, 2022

It appears that the parents found Tokata in Vermont in January, a month after they’d dropped out of school. Apparently “Tokata didn’t have their driver’s license, bank cards or keys,” which prevented Tokata from being able to leave on their own. Tokata’s parents brought them back home and after three weeks, Tokata seemed to have left again to be with Ezra Miller. They continued traveling together to locations such as Los Angeles and most recently Hawaii, where Ezra Miller’s most recent legal troubles began. It’s also been stated that “Chase and Sara say they are concerned for their daughter’s safety and mental well-being,” further explaining that Ezra Miller illustrates “cult-like and psychologically manipulative, controlling behavior.”

The complaint further adds that Ezra Miller “uses violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs to hold sway over a young adolescent Tokata.”

Interestingly, a statement was made by Tokata online. But their parents insist that Tokata doesn’t have a phone so they doubt the statement’s legitimacy. It reads as follows:

They insist that their current choices are all of their own and that they’re not in any trouble. They further consider Ezra Miller their “comrade” and thank them for their supposed help. With that said, the parents have still made their efforts for court protection.

“A judge signed the request for a protective order, ordering that Miller cannot have contact or harass Tokata, Sara or Chase or come within 100 yards of their residence. They noted that the court “cannot locate or serve” the order to Miller because his and Tokata’s location is unknown. A hearing is scheduled for July 12.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this situation and Ezra Miller’s other troubles as we have them.

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