Britney Spears’ ex Jason Alexander repeatedly tried to enter her bedroom, guard testifies

VENTURA, Calif. — A California judge ruled there was enough evidence to hold Britney Spears’ ex Jason Alexander to answer to a felony stalking charge, two weeks after he crashed the pop star’s wedding and demanded to speak to her.

Ventura County Senior Deputy District Attorney Erin Meister said Alexander could face a maximum five years in prison if he is convicted of the charges, which includes three other misdemeanor counts, including trespassing, refusing to leave private property, vandalism and battery. 

Alexander was initially charged with stalking, but the complaint was amended on Friday to felony stalking with a prior domestic violence conviction. Meister told The Post on Monday that the prior conviction involved an unrelated 2015 charge out of San Francisco where Alexander was convicted of corporal injury on a domestic/dating partner. 

Alexander also faces a special enhancement charge because he allegedly committed a crime while he was already on probation for an unrelated case out of Tennessee. 

Alexander, who appeared in court on Monday, pleaded not guilty to all the charges and denied the special enhancement allegation.

Richard Eubler, a security guard, testified at the hearing that he saw Alexander enter Spears’ house as preparations for the pop star’s nuptials to model and actor Sam Asghari were taking place. Eubler said Alexander was able to get to the second floor of the house and tried to open Spears’ bedroom door, which was locked.

Spears was inside the room at the time and initially didn’t know that Alexander was in her home, the security guard testified.

“I was just at the staircase and that’s when he backed up and started reaching out of his right hand pocket,” Eubler said.

Not knowing what Alexander had in his hand, Eubler said he reached for his weapon. Eubler said Alexander then went into a gameroom.

Britney Spears' ex-husband Jason Alexander attempted to get into the singer's bedroom when he crashed her wedding, according to a security guard.Britney Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander attempted to get into the singer’s bedroom when he crashed her wedding, according to a security guard.BACKGRID

Eubler said he then shut the gameroom door behind him, leaving just Alexander and himself inside.

“He was just yelling for Britney,” Eubler said. “He said, ‘Fuck it. I’m going back inside the way I came.’”

The two struggled inside the gameroom and that’s when Alexander allegedly elbowed and then punched him as Alexander tried to open the gameroom door and get back inside the main part of the house, Eubler testified. 

Alexander ended up breaking the door handle, Eubler said.

In footage he posted to Instagram and played during the hearing , Alexander could be seen inside the pop star’s home and even showed viewers a tent in the backyard where she was set to marry Asghari.

Alexander conducted a livestream in what looked like Spears’ home on her wedding day, and claimed he had been invited to the celebration. A physical struggle ensued before his phone camera cut out.

Spears previously was granted a protective order against Alexander, who was ordered not to contact Spears and Eubler. Those orders  were extended to June 13, 2025 by a judge. 

Alexander can’t contact Spears or the security guard through any form of communication, including texts, calls or social media, the judge said.

Richard Eubler testified that Alexander was able to enter Spears' home and attempted to open her locked bedroom door while she was preparing for the wedding.Richard Eubler testified that Alexander was able to enter Spears’ home and attempted to open her locked bedroom door while she was preparing for the wedding.TMZ / BACKGRID

Asghari was not granted anything because he didn’t request it, Meister told The Post.

Alexander remains on $100,000 bail and is set to appear again in court on July 12.

Eubler also testified that the wedding incident was not the first time Alexander had tried to enter the property. He said he had also seen and recorded Alexander trying to access the property on May 28 through a public hiking pathway that surrounds the back of Spear’s home.

“I said, ‘Hey, Jason! Stay away from the property. You’re being watched,” Eubler said of the May incident.

Detective Dylan Foley of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, who also testified during Monday’s preliminary hearing, said Spears’ talent agent told him the pop star was distraught after she found out that Alexander had been in her home.

Alexander has previously tried to enter Spears' property, according to Eubler.Alexander has previously tried to enter Spears’ property, according to

“I asked him what he observed and he described her (Spears) as distraught, crying, shaking, panicked,” Foley said. “She was asking security what happened and that Alexander was just outside her bedroom door. He described her as being very scared.”

Foley said the agent told him that Spears was so scared that she and Asghari left the house to “try to calm down” but returned later to prepare for the wedding.

Another witness, Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputy Jose Torres testified that they confiscated a box cutter and other items from Alexander when he was arrested. 

Deputy Public Defender Sandra Bisignani asked Foley if he had interviewed Spears directly. The detective replied no.

In her closing argument, Bisignani told Judge David Worley that Alexander should not face the felony stalking charge but also asked that the charge should be lessened to a misdemeanor because there was not enough evidence to show that Alexander went to the home to harm Britney.

She also argued none of the deputies on the scene asked Spears if she had invited Alexander onto the property.

“There is no evidence that Ms.Spears ever communicated that Mr.Alexander was not to be in the property,” Bisignani said. “He repeatedly told them he was invited… and nobody saw to it if that was a true statement or not. … There is ample testimony that he was there for his concern of Ms.Spears, in order to speak to her and check on her.”

Judge Worley, however, denied Bisignani’s request and held Alexander to the felony stalking charge and the three other misdemeanors. 

“It’s been established that he appears to be a continuing threat, and given the efforts he went through to insert himself in this event, it warrants a felony charge,” Worley said.

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