Bill Maher Says Democrats Should Take a Lesson from Johnny Depp’s Lawyer

As if Johnny Depp‘s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, couldn’t get any bigger … Bill Maher is now telling the Democratic Party her skills are exactly what they need to win — GOOD REPRESENTATION!!!

The “Real Time” host went in hard on the Dems, giving them what sounds like a simple instruction … you, like Vasquez, are representatives — advocates, like lawyers — and you need to rep your constituents and not an idea that doesn’t connect with them.

Camille was singularly focused to protect and preserve Johnny — no one else and no greater cause, just Mr. Depp — and as a result of her focus and good lawyering, she won.

The Dems, on the other hand, according to Bill, have become more focused on things other than their constituents, and that’s why they’re in big trouble.

He gives examples … Asian American voters are flipping from Democrat to Republican — Dems lost 16% of Asian Americans since 2020 — in part because of the move to eliminate advanced programs in school to level the playing field. Bill says it may be noble, but not good politics.

Speaking of education, Maher references Biden‘s plan to partially eliminate college debt, to the tune of $321 BILLION. As he says, explain to folks who can’t afford to go to college and who therefore generally get lower-paying jobs than college grads why they have to pick up the tab?

And, he goes further … fearless Bill says even on the issue of abortion, Democrats are blowing it, with some now refusing to use the word “women” in the debate but rather “birthing  people.” Bill says the average votes do not connect to this and many other things he raises.

Bill’s last words … the Democrats need to WIN, and the first order of business is making sure Donald Trump cannot run again. Although he didn’t say it, the only want to ensure that is to prosecute and convict him for the election lies and conspiracy to foment an insurrection.

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