The Truth About Colton Underwood’s Relationship With Jordan C. Brown

Meeting your other half’s parents for the first time is always one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of being in a relationship. Luckily for Jordan C. Brown, he was given the seal of approval by his future in-laws straightaway.

When asked about the meeting in question during an interview with The New York Times to promote his Netflix series, Colton Underwood revealed that all parties took things in their stride. He said, “The easiest way for me to say it is that it was like me bringing a girl home. Like, nobody batted an eye. But although the ex-footballer’s parents might have been accepting of his new partner, they were less enthused about the way their son decided to come out to them. Referring to the moment captured on camera for “Coming Out Colton,” father Scott told the same newspaper, “I’m not saying I’m upset about it, but I would have preferred it had been done differently.” And mother Donna also admitted that she was left uneasy by having such a private conversation laid bare in public.

Underwood opened up about the coming-out experience in an interview with “Access.” “At times, it felt like I was putting my friends and my family in [an] uncomfortable position, but then I had to remind myself how uncomfortable I was for how many years, and they can sit with that. And they did. And they were amazing and incredible for that,” he shared.

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