What You Never Knew About Tom Hanks

In 2015, you may have spotted Tom Hanks in one of his most surprising roles yet — as the main character in Carly Rae Jepsen’s music video for “I Really Like You.” In the video, Hanks lip syncs the entire song as he gets ready for his day and walks through the city on his way to meet Jepsen. When the pair meet up, they end up dancing in the street with a bunch of back up dancers — it’s pretty amazing.

While Hanks may seem like a strange fit for the video, as it turns out, the actor actually put himself up for the role. As Jepsen explained to ABC News, Hanks is friends with her manager, Scooter Braun. “He was telling him how I had this vision for like a male lead, that I wanted to have this guy sing the song rather than me, and I thought it would be really comedic and funny, especially if it was someone totally unexpected,” she said. “And Tom was like, ‘Well, why don’t you guys ever ask me?’” Naturally, Jepsen was thrilled. “I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me? That’s Christmas come early! So, yes, please!’”

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