What You Never Knew About Taylor Kinney

Taylor Kinney’s love of baseball knows no bounds. As he made abundantly clear when he appeared on “Today” in 2016, he wouldn’t let anything stop him from getting to Game 7 of that year’s World Series. After his flight to Ohio was canceled, he could’ve just stayed home and watched the game in his living room. Instead, he found another flight, hurried over to Progressive Field from the airport, and made it just in time for the fifth inning. Despite the rough start, he gushed, “It was the most amazing game of baseball I’ve ever seen in my life.” 

As Kinney told Front Row Features in 2017, baseball actually helped him feel more connected to the Chicago community when he first moved there to film “Chicago Fire.” “With the sports teams, I’ve gotten to know a couple of buddies,” he shared. They even invited him to throw the first pitch at Wrigley Field in 2018.

Baseball isn’t the only sport the actor loves to watch. As he told “Celebrity Page” in 2018, getting to see his hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles, win the Super Bowl in-person was a moment he’ll never forget. Then there’s his love of racing. In 2019, Kinney hopped onto the NASCAR track with driver Jeff Burton who took him for a joy ride and in 2021, he posed with F1 racer Gino Rosato on Instagram and gushed about getting to attend a F1 race after growing up watching it on TV.

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