The Real Reason Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Got Divorced

In September 2014, Cannon took to Twitter to defend his family and display his frustrations with circulating rumors. In one Tweet, he wrote, “I will always love her unconditionally for this and so much more. Mariah Carey is an amazing Mother, and I trust her wholeheartedly.”

In 2017, Cannon went on “The Wendy Williams Show” and opened up about his relationship with Carey. Williams raised some controversy when revealing a photo of Cannon, Carey, and the twins cuddling in bed together. But Cannon was quick to clear it up. He explained that while there’s unconditional love and respect, he “puts the kids in bed and goes home.” He further elaborated on why they got divorced, saying, “When two people are in a relationship, it should be about growth…I felt like it was probably best, especially for our children since they’re the number one priority, if I could be the best human being and the best father from outside of that house.” He said that he and Carey are the best of friends.

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