Viral video shows orangutan grab visitor through cage at Indonesian zoo, refuse to let go

A viral video from an Indonesian zoo shows a man scarily squaring off with an orangutan who grabbed him through a cage and refused to let go.

The man is seen walking close to the cage when the primate grabs his shirt. An intense tug-of-war scenario ensues as the man tries to remove himself from the stranglehold of the orangutan’s arms.

The great ape’s immense strength is showcased as the man is unable to break free and keeps getting pulled closer to the cage. Next, the orangutan forcefully grabs his legs and appears as if he is attempting to bite the man while elevating him off of the ground.

Orangutans are great apes who are native to the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia, typically presenting as non-aggressive. The video, which began to surface on Tuesday, was footage from an exchange that happened Monday at the Kasang Kulim Zoo in the Indonesian province of Riau, according to Indonesian news outlets.

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The man was later identified as Hasan Arifin, who was uninjured in the frightening exchange. A longer version of the video shows Arifin break free as people pull him away from the animal.

The Kasang Kulim Zoo manager, Desrizal, apologized over social media and said that Arifin broke the zoo’s safety protocol by venturing past the security barrier in an attempt to get a video of the animal. The orangutan’s name is Tina.

A scary incident at a zoo.

A scary incident at a zoo.

“What happened on Monday afternoon: the visitor jumped into the guardrail of the orangutan cage to take a video without the officer’s permission,” the manager said. “The visitor has violated the rules by jumping over the guardrail and kicking the orangutan.”

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