Prince Louis Makes Tons of Goofy Faces During Platinum Jubilee Pageant

Prince Louis might be fifth in line to the throne, but he’s already a king of one thing — expressive faces in public that the world loves to see … just like these.

Louis had a front-row seat at the Platinum Jubilee Pageant Sunday, where he was seated next to his mom, Kate Middleton, and his siblings. It seems the 4-year-old got a little bored and/or distracted during the parade though … evident in his many looks.

Love this photo of Mike Tindall teasing Prince Louis and making sure he’s well behaved for the #PlatinumJubileePageant 😂

— Belle (@RoyallyBelle_) June 5, 2022

Take a gander for yourself … the kid appeared to be a bit of a handful for his mum, teasing her with a classic thumb-to-nose taunt — this as she appeared to try and get him to behave.

It was all in good fun — and made for great shots. At one point, he was standing up, at another he was turned around and talking to another child behind him, Mia Tindall … even getting handsy at times (playfully, of course). Her dad told him … I’m watching you, kiddo!

Why am I CRYING 😭

— chris evans (@notcapnamerica) June 5, 2022

He even told his mom to zip it when she was trying to get him to settle down … putting his hand over her mouth. Yeah, this is the definition of a little rascal — on the biggest of stages.

While all of these faces might’ve been hilarious to see, none perhaps stack up to his now-viral screaming pic with his ears covered … all while standing next to his grandma, the Queen. Apparently, he wasn’t digging the loud noise from the fly-over at Buckingham Palace.

Tell us how you really feel, Lou!

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