The Wildest Stories From Princess Margaret’s Party Days

According to Town & Country, after her romance with Captain Peter Townsend officially ended, Margaret began a relationship with Armstrong-Jones. The pair first met in 1958, and after getting her family’s approval, the pair’s engagement was announced on February 26, 1960. They were married on May 6, 1960, and were the first televised royal wedding. The couple initially appeared to be happy during the early years of their marriage and even had two children (David in 1961 and Sarah three years after). However, their similar personalities ultimately led to friction between the formerly blissful pair, and from there, both began to have affairs with other people.

As stated by the Evening Standard, when he was away from his family for work assignments, the Earl of Snowdon began to have casual affairs, as did Margaret. Most notably, the princess was involved with Armstrong-Jones’ college friend Anthony Barton, who was also the godfather to the royal couple’s daughter Sarah. She also had a fling with an aristocratic nightclub pianist named Robin Douglas-Home. Later in 1969, Armstrong-Jones began a serious romance with Lady Jacqueline Rufus-Isaacs, which reportedly was a deep upset to Margaret even though she was also unfaithful. Finally, in 1976, the royal couple separated and officially divorced two years later. However, despite the clear problems during their marriage, it was reported that the former couple remained good friends.

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