Nikki Newman’s Scandalous Past Explained

When fans first met Nikki, she was still a 16-year-old living with her older sister, Casey Reed (Roberta Leighton), who had become her guardian after their mother passed away due to a heart attack (via Soaps Central). Unfortunately, Nikki and Casey’s dad, Nick Reed (Quinn Redeker), showed up in Genoa city after leaving years ago. 

Nikki was thrilled to have her dad back, despite Casey’s dire warnings that Nick had sexually assaulted Casey when she was younger. Nikki wanted to grow close to her dad, but he attacked her one day the same way he had attacked her sister. Casey returned home to find her father’s bloodied dead body on top of Nikki (via Soap Hub). Nikki went on trial for killing the man, but never served time as the murder was committed in self-defense. Alone in the world with just her sister now, Nikki moved on to other things, including men.

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