The Truth About Loretta Lynn’s Six Children

Per Loretta Lynn’s autobiography, “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” becoming a mother wasn’t exactly planned. In fact, she didn’t know how babies were made until she found out she was pregnant at the doctor’s office when she was sixteen. At that point, she had been married for four months and had been sick. According to the book, her doctor, Doc Turner, told her, “Honey, your trouble is, you’re pregnant.” To that, Lynn said she replied: “What’s that?”

Around 1975, when she released her controversial song “The Pill,” (named for birth control pills) Lynn confirmed in an interview that she knew next to nothing about sex or pregnancy when she got married and pregnant as a teen (via The Daily Beast). Lynn shared in that interview: “I said, ‘I can’t have no baby!’ He said, ‘You’re married, aren’t you? Sleeping with your husband, aren’t you?’ I said yes and yes. He said, ‘Well then you’re gonna have a baby.’”

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