The Transformation Of Matthew Gray Gubler From Childhood To 41 Years Old

Matthew Gray Gubler has many passions and side-projects, one of which is painting. Known for his drawings steeped in childhood regression, and often horror-tinged, his artwork featured in a 2010 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine. Regarding his idiosyncratic painting style, Gubler is aware it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, “Some people misinterpret my style of painting as offensive,” he told Buzzfeed. “And I’ve had instances where I’ve painted beautiful portraits for, like, a girlfriend or someone, and they’re just like, they look at it with a grimace and they’re like, ‘This is terrible. I don’t look like this, and you’re awful, and you must hate me.’”

Gubler uses his Twitter platform to showcase his unusual artwork. In one post, he exhibits a grotesque interpretation of Donald Duck. In another, he depicts a “ghost on a platter with a pickle for a leg.” Additionally, he bagged a whopping $10,000 when his watercolor “Mushface” went up for auction on eBay. But, in true Gubler style, he didn’t pocket the earnings for himself. According to the auction listing, all proceeds from the sale went to the Smith Center for Performing Arts in his home city of Las Vegas. 

We would certainly be interested in hearing Spencer Reid’s analysis of Gubler’s paintings. In the words of his forensic alter ego, “Sometimes for an artist, the only difference between insanity and genius is success.” Seriously, Dr. Reid, help us figure out what a ghost with pickle legs means.

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