How Much Is Eiza González Actually Worth?

At this point, it’s evident that Eiza González knows how to bring in cash, but what’s also interesting is how the “Love Spreads” star spends it. It seems that one of those ways is on jewelry and honestly, who can blame a girl? She dished to Elle, “From necklaces to multiple earrings, I love spicing up my outfits. I’m a gold jewelry kind of girl on a daily basis but love silver and white gold.” Yet, it’s not just jewels that González is into, since from the looks of her Instagram, she’s all about designer clothes too. She often posts photos of her outfits from high-end designers like Givenchy, Fendi, and Prada, and makes a point to tag the brand. 

In addition to shopping for glamorous goods, González likes to spend money on travel. As she told Elle, “My favorite places to visit are Hawaii and Italy.”

González apparently doesn’t mind dropping money on impressive real estate either. According to the New York Post, she spends $8,300 a month for a gorgeous condo in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. Not only does the apartment boast stunning city views and beautiful finishings, but the building itself contains several pools, as well as its own spa and park. When it came to her new place, González told V Magazine in May 2022, “I really didn’t get the chance to fully experience it yet but I love it.” Hey, what’s not to love?

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