The True Story Behind The Murder Of Betty Gore

During her brawl with Betty Gore, in which they both tried to gain control of the ax, Candy Montgomery had nearly escaped the room. She had hit Gore in the head, drawing blood, and found an opportunity to bolt for an exit, but Gore didn’t let her go, according to Montgomery’s testimony in court (per Texas Monthly). Something flipped in Montgomery’s head when Gore told her “shhhh.” She switched to attack mode, grabbed the ax from Gore’s hands, and rained 41 blows on her. 28 of them went to Gore’s head, per the Dallas Morning News.

In court, Montgomery cried while retelling the incident and didn’t deny killing her former friend. She shrieked in agony when presented with the ax in court, and begged not to be forced to look at it, per Texas Monthly. Lester Gayler, the Gores’ next-door neighbor who went to check on Betty at Allan Gore’s request, said the crime scene was the worst he’d ever seen. He recalled seeing blood everywhere and ax marks as high as the ceiling. He remembered seeing Montgomery the next day and said she acted normally, as if she had not been involved, per CBS News.

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