How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Stray Cats

Like all pests and rodents, cats also have natural weaknesses that can be used to wean them away from your property. Just like catnip can attract a cat to you and your yard, there are certain plants and scents that can repel cats away from your yard, as well. Catsupandmustard suggested adding rue, lavender, pennyroyals, coleus canina, thyme, or any type of citrus plant to your garden to keep cats away. When added to your yard, it is said to give off scents that cats dislike, ultimately repelling them away (per Dengarden).

Besides plants, cats can also be repelled by typical household items like brewed coffee grounds, human hair, and even citrus fruit peels. These items mess with the sensitivity of a cat’s senses, pushing them out of the area. Placing these items in your yard and garden also have a variety of advantages regarding the health of your soil.

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