Dogs That Drive Cars (And Other Amazing Animals)

If a feline respects you as more than a comfy couch that dispenses Whiskas, you’ve already fared better than 99 percent of cat owners. Cats ooze aloofness, likely because they just “don’t care what you want,” according to Smithsonian Magazine. So have fun finding one that won’t claw you to kibble the second you make too many requests. If you’re exceedingly lucky, you’ll end up with a cat like Didga.

As you probably guessed from the video, Didga digs skateboarding and will bound over big dogs for the sake of awesomeness. Her name, an abbreviation of “Didgeridoo,” tells you almost everything else you need to know. Namely that she lives in Australia (which suggests she’s poisonous) and acts as an instrument of joy. Didga seems remarkably social for a feline and even obeys commands instead of greeting them with hiss-laden scowls. As per Guinness World Records, she has officially done more tricks in a minute than any other cat on the planet.

In 2016, the cooperative kitty completed 20 actions in 60 seconds, including high-fiving, handshaking, and hopping over a bar onto a moving skateboard. In 2017, the organization let Didga redo the challenge, and she upped the number to 24. But for all her agreeableness, she still shows others who’s boss. Owner Robert Dollwet told Guinness that Didga does what she feels like, and those filming her have to roll with it. Yep, she’s definitely a cat.

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