‘The View’ Fans Spitting Mad Over Guest Kellyanne Conway: “What a Sh*t Show”

Both fans in the studio and watching from home were furious with Tuesday’s guest on The View, Kellyanne Conway. The former Senior Counselor to Donald Trump appeared on the daytime talk show today to promote her new memoir, but Twitter doesn’t seem to be lining up to preorder copies anytime soon.

Conway’s feature on The View stirred up plenty of criticism on social media, where viewers shared their disgust with the day’s guest, and others asked why she had even been invited.

“Why did they invite KellyAnne Conway on here,” one asked, while another questioned, “Why have this woman on? She won’t answer a question, she’s insulting, she’s lying. Same old Kellyanne.”

Other View fans skipped the questions and went straight to slamming Conway. One tweeted, “I am done @TheView. You bring Kellyanne Conway on! You aren’t serious. I can’t w/any of you. You walked out when Bill o’reilly was on but you sit there & let Kellyanne spew lies hawking her book. UNFORGIVABLE. I watched for 30 secs. Stand up for women or turn in your woman card.”

Another described her appearance as “a shit show,” writing, “Kellyanne Conway is a train wreck, just like her boss’s administration. She sold her soul.”

I hope Madame @KellyannePolls book is as successful as NutMeg McCain’s. Kellyanne only came on to try to gaslight and rewrite HER participation in the most racist, corrupt, treasonous administration in modern history. @TheView stop booking these repugnant GQP PEOPLE! #TheView pic.twitter.com/R8s4qhu13b

— Gina Marie (@Kompanie) May 24, 2022

Did anyone else see KellyAnne Conway just now on The View? She is a pathetic lying cheerleader for a disgraced twice impeached former President that will hopefully be indicted & imprisoned or at the least disqualified from holding office ever again.

— Marlene L Jones (@mljones655) May 24, 2022

The Kellyanne Conway segment on The View today was disgraceful. Whoopi gave a lying, conspiracy theorist, who still thinks the election was stolen..,airtime..airtime that put America back to the trump days. Shame on them at the View.

— Barb (@BarbL219) May 24, 2022

While there were plenty of vocal critics online, the displeasure was palpable in The View studio, as well, where Conway was booed while speaking. As she said Trump should have won the 2020 election because he was running against Biden, “a guy who is stuck in the basement,” the audience loudly expressed their displeasure with her comments.

However, Whoopi Goldberg defended Conway, interrupting her to address the audience and tell them, “Listen. This is The View. And this is her view and she’s talking about how she feels and what she knows. Please don’t boo her.”

Conway, who refused to believe she was the target of the boos, responded, “I think they’re booing Biden staying in the basement.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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