The Stunning Transformation Of Stranger Things Star Finn Wolfhard

Celebrities over the years have come across certain fans who seem to take it a little too far. Finn Wolfhard is just one young entertainer who has reportedly been stalked by an adult fan. As a young adult trying to live their life as simply as possible, that can be a pretty scary and uncomfortable situation. In 2020, Wolfhard told Mastermind magazine (via Twitter) about the moment he realized some overzealous fans were following him.

“When I was 13, some adults followed me back to my condo when I was shooting ‘It,’” Wolfhard said at the time. “‘Stranger Things’ had just come out, and I was by myself. As I walked faster, they walked faster, and I was getting a bit antsy by the time I got to the door. Suddenly, they were like, ‘Hey, dude, can we get a selfie?’ And I was like, ‘No you can’t have a selfie! How about don’t follow children?’” Wolfhard added that some fans have even gone as far as to hide inside cars and tail his vehicles. “I also had my taxi followed and, out of the taxi, the person continued to be pretty relentless,” he said.

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