Brittanee Drexel’s Alleged Killer Raymond Moody’s Truly Disturbing Past

In New York, Brittanee Drexel’s parents were wary about their teenager going to Myrtle Beach unsupervised during spring break, according to The Washington Post. They told the 17-year-old not to go — her mother, Dawn Drexel, had a bad feeling about the trip. Dawn told People, “I told her I just felt something was going to happen to her,” she said. “I just felt it.”

But Brittanee didn’t listen. It took a few days before her parents realized she had gone to Myrtle Beach anyway, despite their warnings. At first, Dawn and Brittanee’s father, Chad Drexel, didn’t actually realize she had left New York and thought she was just staying with friends in the area. According to what Dawn Drexel told People, “She’d never done anything like this before.” 

Brittanee did finally call her mother to apologize for their fight over the trip but said she wanted to stay with her friends to cool down from the argument. But after going on the South Carolina trip without adult supervision, Brittanee went missing within days.

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