What We Know About The UFO Encounters Reported By The Pentagon

Not every lawmaker was pleased with the public report from the task force, followed by a closed-door classified meeting with elected officials. Arkansas Republican Rick Crawford (pictured) likened the lack of any hard evidence of national security threats from UAP to an intelligence failure. Crawford added (via BBC) “It’s not about finding alien spacecraft.” 

For their part, private UFO scholars are thankful the reality of what they’ve fought so long and hard to bring to light is now being finally addressed. As documentary filmmaker James Corbell who publicized the “pyramid” UAP footage explained to ABC News, he’s encouraged that the public is demanding the truth and that lawmakers so far have responded. 

“It is direct response to public pressure,” Corbell said. “It is representative government representing the citizens and their interest. … It’s the biggest story of our time. And finally, we’re beginning to have the conversation without ridicule and stigma that has so injured the search for scientific truth on this topic” (via ABC News). 

Other goals outlined in the May 2022 presentation include streamlining the process by which UAP reports are investigated “in a methodical, logical, and standardized manner,” one top Pentagon official said (ABC News).

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