Ex-Amber Heard BFF says she saw abuse inflicted by Depp

FAIRFAX, Va. — Amber Heard’s former best friend choked up Wednesday while testifying that she saw cuts and bruises on the actress in the aftermath of several alleged beatings by Johnny Depp.

In a recorded deposition played for the jury, Raquel “Rocky” Pennington said that while she never witnessed Depp hit Heard, she did see a series of “very, very long, deep” cuts on the actress’s forearms.

“I was worried for her physical safety. I was worried that when he turned, he might accidentally do something that was worse than he ever intended,” she said.

The arm cuts, and similar injuries on Heard’s feet, were visible when the actress returned to Los Angeles from Australia in March 2015, Pennington said in the January 2022 deposition. Heard, 36, has testified that Depp, 58, sexually assaulted her with a bottle on that trip.

Raquel Pennington is seen on screen.Raquel Pennington is seen on screen.EPA

Pennington also recalled visiting the couple’s LA penthouse in December 2015, after Heard asked for her pal to “check her out” following a fight in which Depp allegedly head-butted her and potentially broke her nose.

The witness testified to seeing Heard with a cut bottom lip, a swollen nose and a red face — though she conceded that the redness could have been from crying.

Pennington also said Heard had a bloody patch on her head where a clump of hair had been ripped out.

Amber Heard in court on Wednesday.Amber Heard in court on Wednesday.REUTERS

She then photographed Heard’s injuries.

The “Aquaman” star “often had to cover bruises and injuries on her face” with makeup, Pennington said — including before a December 2015 appearance on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” in the aftermath of the alleged assault.

“I remember her showing the injuries [to her makeup artist],” the ex-pal said.

Pennington became emotional several times during the deposition, particularly when describing her fears for her former friend’s physical safety.

Johnny Depp frowns in court on May 18.Johnny Depp frowns in court on May 18.REUTERS

Her testimony culminated with a description of the events of May 21, 2016, when Heard alleges Depp flew into a rage and threatened her while destroying their home.

Depp was leaning over Heard on a sofa and yelling at her to “Get the f–k up,” Pennington said, adding she put her body over Heard to block Depp.

Pennington fidgeted in her seat while testifying about a disturbing altercation between Heard and Depp at the couple’s penthouse.

The argument escalated when Depp allegedly started smashing things, knocking items off a kitchen island with a wine bottle and wrecking a bar cart.

Pennington testifies alongside an image of Heard.Pennington testifies alongside an image of Heard.REUTERS

Depp was eventually escorted from the home by two male friends, Pennington said.

Pennington was then shown several images of the damage to the penthouse. In one image, the couple’s bed is seen with cracked photo frames scattered on top of it. In another, Heard’s office appears to be destroyed, with papers and photos scattered all over the room.

When asked if she and Heard staged the aftermath of the altercation, Pennington responded in the negative.

Despite Pennington’s emotional testimony, jurors continued to look bored as the trial enters its fifth week.

Pennington's emotional deposition left the jurors unmoved.Pennington’s emotional deposition left the jurors unmoved.REUTERS

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million for defamation over her 2018 Washington Post op-ed in which she identified herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse.” The actor claims his career and reputation were irretrievably damaged by Heard’s allegations, even though the article never mentions him by name.

Heard is countersuing Depp for $100 million. Closing arguments are anticipated on May 27.

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