Dark Secrets American Idol Contestants Tried To Hide

Season 19 of “American Idol” featured 20-year-old contestant Cecil Ray Baker who admitted that the reason he auditioned for the show was for his young daughter, Ameila, who was a little older than a month at the time. Baker shared his personal struggles with host Ryan Seacreast which included a tough childhood and suffering the loss of a friend, brother, and an uncle to suicide. Although Baker received a golden ticket to Hollywood, he was ultimately eliminated after making it to the Top 24, per The Wrap.  

According to TMZ, a week after his elimination, Baker was arrested in his native Texas after he broke into the home of ex-girlfriend Mariah Lopez and assaulted her after she refused to let him see her daughter who he believes is his. A report read that after Baker entered the home, he pushed Lopez to the ground and “struck her in the face with a palm heel.” He was charged with burglary of habitation with The Wrap adding that he was also charged with intent to commit assault. He was released on $15,000 bond. 

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