The Truth About Katherine Heigl’s Marriage

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley seemingly share a passion for animals considering that their home is filled with dozens of furry friends. The “27 Dresses” star revealed to Forbes in March 2022, “We have six dogs and three cats and we have a ranch with many, many animals.” For Heigl, her love of animals started young with her telling People, “We just had lots of pets from the moment I was born.” She even runs the animal rights charity, Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, alongside her mother. 

While Kelley also adores pets, Heigl admits she takes it to the extreme. “If you’re talking from one to 10, I’m like a 40 and Josh is probably like an eight. I’m insane and he’s normal,” she joked. Because of that, the “Hold Me My Lord” singer sometimes needs more convincing when it comes to adding more dogs to their home. For example, when Kelley originally shut down getting a sixth dog, Heigl confessed to Harper’s Bazaar, “I started crying. I said, ‘Where’s your heart? Where’s your soul?’…and he’s like, ‘Fine, just take the dog.’”

That many pets can presumably be overwhelming, but Heigl sees it as a positive for their family. She explained to Parents, “Caring for animals is a great way to teach children compassion, kindness, loyalty, and responsibility.” All in all, Heigl may want more pets and the couple could hit more hard times, but so far their marriage appears to be strong enough to handle it all.

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