‘SNL’ Mocks the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Trial with Testimony Over Bed Poop

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard is a tragic story about the crumbling of a marriage and horrendous allegations … but there’s another layer to this trial that ‘SNL’ dared to say out loud … it’s fun to watch and ridiculously entertaining.

As the anchor who threw to the courtroom said, there are all sorts of problems in the world … Ukraine, supply shortages, but … “I know it’s not the most pertinent story … but with all the problems in the world, isn’t nice to have a news story we can all collectively watch and say: ‘Ooh. Glad it ain’t me’?”

Kyle Mooney played an excellent Johnny, and his lawyer zeroed in on one of the more lurid parts of the case … allegations that Amber or one of her friends crapped on Johnny’s side of the bed out of revenge.

There were objections by Amber’s counsel, but they were overruled because the judge delivered the following ruling … “It does sound fun, and this trial is for fun.”

There’s a hilarious video that was played in the courtroom, where the property manager — Kenan Thompson — discovers the poop. The housekeeper joins in the room and there’s a discussion of who cleans up the dookie.

It’s hilarious for sure, but the poop in the bed is actually relevant to the case. As we reported, Amber was allegedly enraged when Johnny was late for her birthday party, showed up for a few minutes and then left. Johnny says he got a call from the housekeeper the next day saying she found poop on his side of the bed that was covered up by sheets.

Johnny says that’s when he decided to end the marriage. Amber has said the culprit is one of her dogs, but the poop is almost as big as the pooch.

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