Netflix Shows You Should Never Watch In Front Of Your Kids

Co-created by comedian Nick Kroll, Big Mouth is a perfect example of something that looks like it should be for children but absolutely isn’t. Big Mouth is a raunchy animated comedy that follows a group of seventh-graders as they navigate the awkwardness and uncertainty of puberty.

Sure, it’s got goofy-looking characters, and even a few musical numbers. But make no mistake — Big Mouth is unequivocally R-rated. Episodes examine the nitty-gritty of menstruation, sexuality, hygiene, and teen dating. While it often offers thought-provoking lessons about speaking to kids about these issues, letting them watch it outright is the equivalent of tossing them into the deep end of the swimming pool without water wings.

For example, the first episode sees Andrew Glouberman, one of our young protagonists, interacting with his Hormone Monster, Maury, who is essentially puberty incarnate. Maury encourages Andrew to think constantly about sex, fall into blind rages, and enter into nightmarishly ill-conceived relationships. Maury discusses the sexual possibilities of vegetables, punches holes in drywall, and implies that invitations to play travel Scrabble with fellow seventh-graders are brimming with innuendo.

Big Mouth portrays all of these things with compassion and insight — it just does so while looking like a show meant for children. Put the kids to bed, wait at least an hour, and then indulge in its animated antics.

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