The Untold Truth Of The Big Four Motorcycle Gangs

Another prominent area of outlaw motorcycle gang (OMG) expansion has been in Germany, where the Bandidos MC and the Hells Angels MC have competed to stake the ultimate claim. According to Spiegel International, Germany was widely considered to be Angels’ territory, until 1999 when the Bandidos started to move in. The Angels have defended their turf in Berlin, while the Bandidos have infiltrated neighboring Brandenburg.

The violence has been widespread and several people have been murdered as part of the fighting. In 2008, two members of the Bandidos were sentenced to life in prison for the murder of an Angel (via Deutsche Welle). A month later, three Hells Angels were sentenced to prison for beating up five Bandidos and robbing them (via Deutsche Welle). According to The Local, in October 2009, a Hells Angels sympathizer shot and killed a Bandidos member outside his clubhouse. A month later in November, a group of Hells Angels destroyed the Bandidos’ clubhouse during a brawl. The Bandidos retaliated by lobbing a grenade through the Angels’ clubhouse a few hours later, but luckily it did not go off and no one was hurt.

In 2010, the Bandidos and Hells Angels supposedly arranged a truce to stop the violence (per Spiegel International). Yet in 2015, another shootout involving the Angels and Bandidos again heightened fears of another OMG war (via The Local).

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