The Truth About Redheads

The mutation on the MC1R gene that gives gingers their unique coloring doesn’t just affect the way they look. In a curious twist, gingers also feel pain and respond to painkilling agents differently than their blonde and brunette counterparts. 

For one, redheads are more sensitive to certain kinds of pain (thermal pain, which we’ll discuss later), according to a study by the National Institutes of Health. In addition to that, the study also concluded that redheads are more resistant to lidocaine, a local anesthetic, than the rest of us. Plus, they need more anesthetic on the operating table, according to another study. So redheads aren’t lying or being dramatic about the pain of medical and dental procedures — they’re legit wired a little bit differently, and science proves it!

And that’s not all, either. Apparently our redheaded sisters respond better to opiates than both men and non-ginger ladies, according to Science Daily. Who knew gingers had all kind of magic going on?

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