The Stunning Transformation Of Katherine Heigl

It’s no secret that Katherine Heigl is a family person. After she married Josh Kelley, she was ready to start her own. Heigl’s sister, Meg, was adopted from Korea, and, so, Heigl wanted to do the same, according to NBC News. In 2009, she and Kelley adopted their first daughter, Naleigh, from South Korea when she was 9 months old and fresh out of open-heart surgery, as Heigl told Harper’s Bazaar. At the time, she was working on the film “Life as We Know It,” which she said was somewhat surreal because her character was also a new mom.

Three years later, in 2012, the couple adopted another baby girl, Adalaide, from the U.S., since adopting from Korea and China had become incredibly challenging. The actress told Jay Leno (via People) that her husband needed some convincing — he didn’t think they’d adopt again so soon, let alone a newborn (a totally new experience for them). In the end, he agreed, and, now, of course, they wouldn’t trade their daughter and the experience for anything.

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