Vicky White ordered Casey White to get them back to hotel

Former jail boss Vicky White fumed at her beau Casey White and told him to “get us back to the f—- hotel” as cops caught up with them in Indiana, audio reveals.

After the bumbling Bonnie and Clyde duo’s getaway Cadillac was rammed by cops, Vicky turned to the capital murder suspect and yelled, “Airbags are gonna go off and kill us!”

“Get us back to the f—- hotel!” she shouted.

She was apparently referring to Motel 41 in Evansville, where Vanderburgh County Sheriff David Wedding said they paid a local homeless man to rent a room.

After her outburst, Vicky turned the gun on herself as cops closed in. Her death has been ruled a suicide.

Police dashcam video captured the frantic moments when Casey, an Alabama convict and capital murder suspect, was arrested following the wild police chase.

Vicky was reportedly still breathing and holding the gun when cops reached the vehicle, which flipped on its side after being rammed.

Crashed car.After the getaway Cadillac was rammed by police, Vicky White told Casey White, “Get us back to the f—- hotel!”EvansvilleWatch/Facebook

41 Motel.Vicky White was referring to Motel 41 in Evansville, where the duo paid a local homeless man to rent a room.Timothy D. Easley/AP

“She still has the gun in her hands,” one officer is heard saying. “Finger’s on the trigger.”

Deputy Marshal Chad Hunt, commander of the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force, said Casey quickly surrendered.

“His immediate words to our team was, ‘Please help my wife. She just shot herself in the head,’” Hunt told reporters, though authorities said there is no evidence that the two were ever married.

Vicky White.Vicky White turned the gun on herself as cops closed in.Lauderdale County Sheriff’S Office/ZUMA Press Wire Service/

Authorities pulling Vicky White from vehicle.Authorities pulling Vicky White from vehicle.Evansville Police Department

Meanwhile, the assistant chief of the Evansville Police Department addressed questions posted in social media about how long it took for officers to reach Vicky.

“Well, you don’t know to what extent that damage is from that self-inflicted gunshot wound, and you do have a suspect with a firearm still in hand,” Phil Smith told WAAY. “You’re basically dealing with a barricaded suspect at that point. Even though they’re inside of a car at this point, they’re still armed.”

Authorities said Casey has admitted to planning a shootout with police — a “suicide by cop” situation that investigators believe was foiled by the wreck, according to the outlet.

Authorities take Casey White into custody.Casey White’s immediate words to police as he surrendered were “Please help my wife.”Evansville Police Department

Escaped inmate Casey White, center, arrives at the Lauderdale County Courthouse in Florence, Alabama.Casey White arrives at the Lauderdale County Courthouse in Florence, Alabama.Dan Busey/The TimesDaily via AP

Casey White.Authorities said Casey White has admitted to planning a shootout with police.Dan Busey/The TimesDaily via AP

Smith said the scene of the self-inflicted shooting was “emotionally jarring.”

One of the officers, who has only been with the force a few years, pulled the mortally wounded woman out of the vehicle and begin administering first aid, he said.

“Everybody knew about Casey and Vicky White, and despite what we knew about them — very proud of our officer that went and did that work on Vicky White,” Smith told WAAY. “Sorry that it ended like that for her, but she chose that path, and we’ll never know why.”

Meanwhile, funeral arrangements have been announced for Vicky, who will be buried at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Center Hill Cemetery in Lexington, Alabama, according to an obituary released by the Greenhill Funeral Home.

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